Borrowed Poems 4

These came to me through a friend...but I haven't actually met the poets.    They are very interesting works, however, and I felt them worthy of a place here.    Thank you, TJ & Beth, for permission to print these (I hope you like the titles I gave them)....
and thank you, too, Maine-iac Mia, for submitting them....*smile*
My Friend

You are the one
who makes me smile
no matter what we
at one another
I know for
that you are the one
who makes me see
my faults
your faults
our weaknesses
the strength we shall find
you touch me like
nobody else ever could
you speak to me
what nobody else ever should
you tell to me
what nobody else should ever hear
we speak
the unspoken truths
we sing
the unspoken songs
to one another
to me
to you
and others may seem
and they may seem
and yet I see no
in them, as I do you.
We will have
we will have
we already have
a history
and that is worth
so much.

- Beth Nadeau

"Women in the Garden" by Claude Monet

"Felix" (artist unknown)
The Watcher

I watch the cat with childlike enthusiasm
His lazy ways intrigue and excite me more
than short skirts on high school girls at a
local market.

I watch the lightning fly with sheer pleasure
This seasonal encounter is rare and beautiful
and I look upon it with happiness and contentment
for the moment.

I watch the black bird with absolute longing
He flies away not knowing where it is he's going,
but finding out soon enough when he gets
to his sublime destination.

- TJ

My Unrequited Love

The love for the unattainable
as simplex and as true as the 
love for the attainable-
        I pasted pictures
        and flowers into a book
        of poetry so that when
        the pain in my stomach
        is no longer there, I can
        retrospect hoping to bring
        the knots home again.
(I dreamt that you lay beside 
me.  I dreamt that your hand fitted
into mine.  I dreamt that your smile
was my own doing.)
        I gather wildflowers to place
        on your window sill.  I hope
        that you thank me for them.
        I hope that you scorn me for
        leaving them there to wilt and
        die.  I laugh at your careless regard 
        for life.
I rub my eyes brushing away any
hope for a better awakening.  I remain
silent in your presence hoping I need
not speak to convey messages to you across
a short distance in an airconditioned movie
        I check the mirror in frequent
        intervals to remind myself of
        my face.  I drink warm beer and
        smoke cigarettes in an unfamiliar
        surrounding hoping to catch your
        eye without my knowledge that
        I am doing such a thing.
I walk barefoot through that grass to throw
away the garbage collecting in my flat.  I hope
that the cleanliness I feel will somehow radiate
to you like light from a beach bonfire.
        I look for your name amongst the overwhelming
        green of a group of elm trees.  I wish to tattoo
        our names into it's rough skin.  I wish it
        were an apple tree so that I may pick them
        to share with you over a bottle of cheap wine.


"Head of a Woman" by Raphael
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